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Salsa Dancing

Salsa Dancing

There are many ways to dance salsa and their number is increasing. It depends on the dancer origin and how he or she learned to dance. Latin salsa is the paired social dance. Under social dance it is implied a dance with certain precepts, but does not pushed in the strict frame. In other words, the dance has basic rules. Once the rules were understood it allows two dancers to dance together and freely adjust to each other in the dance, even if they have never seen before each other. This means that each movement must begin with a single and easily identifiable “signal to act”.

The use of this signals at the beginning and then in the process of salsa dancing allows each of the partners dance without hesitation.

Dancing even the most basic salsa steps, we follow four tact in music, but do only three salsa dance steps, each of which lasts as much as a stroke. At last, on the fourth tact, we do pause or we add decorated movement. You can move or dance on the same place, that is simply beautiful walk, making three salsa dance steps with a pause in the middle. The inherent simplicity makes salsa dancing extraordinarily flexible; dance as you want! You can move in any direction as well you can remain at the same place, dance in a line or a circle. None of the Latin American dance has deliberate movements of thighs. Movement of thigh is a natural consequence of the transferring weight from one leg to another.

Sometimes useful perceive Latin salsa dance as sexual pantomime, but that does not mean that man should be sexually aggressive. You should dance with a touch of sexuality. Although the man leads during the whole dance, the idea is that the man is trying to tempt lady, he seeks to advance, but she repels him. I remember my salsa lessons. I was dancing with my partner, now he is also professional dancer. All the lessons were filled with “lovely fight” between us. At that time I studied at the university and had to write term paper. But I was infatuated with salsa so much that I even had to turn to research paper writing service. Fortunately, I turned in time my term paper.

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